Wooden Sash Windows Norfolk: Double glazed bathroom part L compliant unit.

Client Brief:

To replace the existing Georgian single glazed sash window in a listed building in a conservation area, the weights and pulleys of which were no longer workable and the wood rotten. A double glazed replacement sash window was a preferred option and would conform with building conservation guidelines and modern building regulations as the window was on a top floor rear elevation of the property.

Work Carried Out:

A site survey was carried out, whereupon the existing sash window was deemed beyond repair. An exact design of the existing window was hand drawn to scale, and a marking out rod created in the Norwich workshop with which to create the exact replica.  A sliding box sash window was then created, with a box section with the weights and pulleys within and the sash windows themselves.  All installation and restorative work was also carried out by Sayerwood Joinery. The window was built to match the other rear windows on the same elevation of the adjacent Georgian terraced houses

The newly created window was treated with linseed and pine turpentine preservative and then primed ready for painting by the client’s decorator.

Techniques Employed: 

Traditional carpentry and joinery methods were employed and the new window created using techniques that are at least 300 years old. The windows were made of Scandinavian Red Wood Pine and were treated with Linseed Oil and Pine Turpentine preservative. The new windows new innovations including brush draft seals to both sash lights to give modern draft proofing performance without being visible, modern pulley wheels and modern locking systems. As the window is a bathroom window frosted glass was used. The double glazed sealed units are 16mm in depth and are filled with heavier Krypton gas to bring up the U value and make them part L of building regulations compliant.


sash window with opaque glass for bathroomPin itsash window with opaque glass for bathroomPin itsash window with opaque glass for bathroomPin it